Here’s What Story Time Does For Your Child’s Social And Language Skills

Introducing your child to books at a young age is very important as it will set the stage for him or her to learn about the world around them. They can travel to any part of the world and find themselves in every sort of adventure when they learn to engage with books. Before your little one can read on their own, you should be reading to them. This is a great way to bond and promote their development in some key ways.

For starters, story time is excellent for enhancing your child’s language skills. As they listen to you read, they get to hear new words and how sentences are constructed. The following post offers more detail:

The Importance of Story Time

Reading to your baby aloud can do wonders for her developing language skills. It’s one of the best ways to help her learn.

The more words she hears in a day, the better. If you haven’t started already, make a habit of reading to your baby every day.

Good reading habits that start early will set the stage for her to learn new things down the road.

This a good time to:

  • Invest in hardboard and bath books. They’ll likely end up in your baby’s mouth, but that’s a good sign that she’s taken an interest.
  • Choose books with a lot of color and simple objects decorating the pages.

Read books with photographs of faces and animals (especially those that show emotion) to capture your baby’s attention. Read more at Web MD…

If you read to your child, not only will their language skills develop, they will also gain educational advantages over their peers as they grow older.

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In addition to the cognitive benefits, reading to your child allows you to bond with them in a special way. Check out this post for more:

Not only does reading to your children help to improve their academic performance, but more importantly it strengthens your bond, improves their imagination, helps children learn to read, teaches them about the world around them, and provides important morals to help make your child a nicer person.

Experts recommend that children should spend at least 20 minutes per day reading and it’s recommended that even when children learn to read, parents still spend the time to read with their children.

We understand that some parents may be nervous about reading to their children due to a lack of confidence or their own literacy skills, but reading with your child doesn’t need to be difficult, or a chore. Read more at Nanny Job…

If you make story time fun and interesting, both you and your child will look forward to it. It may well end up being the highlight of the day, with each of you getting the chance to share your thoughts and emotions about the stories you read.

spanish preschool daycare children bilingual childhood education development second language diversity culture glenwood raleigh nc

In addition to reading to your child at home, you can also introduce them to a structured story time at your local library. Along with the other advantages, this will help develop their social skills, like behaving approriately in a group. They can also learn critical safety information while participating, as the following post explains:

Children Learn Importance of Fire Safety at Story Time

Children were learning about fire safety and having fun all at the same time at the Rapid City Public Library on Tuesday for story time.

Lisa Saunders with the Rapid City Fire Department, Fire and Life Safety Division was interacting with the young kids by singing songs, reading books and playing games all relating to fire safety.

Saunders says they have been doing the program for school children for quite some time, but wanted to reach a younger crowd as well. Read more at Black Hills Fox…

spanish preschool daycare children bilingual childhood education development second language diversity culture glenwood raleigh nc

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