Spoiling Our Team with a Trip to Asheville

At Spanish for fun!, we truly care about each and every one of our employees and want to make sure they are not only successful but happy. That’s why we make it a point to take them on retreats. Our work trips allow the team to bond, re-energize, and spark creativity. A couple of months ago, we took our admin-directors to Asheville to do just [...]

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The Sff! Family Learns to Unleash Their Power

  Here at Spanish for fun! it’s important to us that we offer our teachers and administrators opportunities to develop their careers. Over the summer we sent a group of Sff! directors to New York for Tony Robbins' outstanding Unleash the Power Within event. Unleash the Power Within is a live 3 ½ day seminar led by Tony Robbins himself that is designed [...]

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