Parent or Friend — What’s The Best Way For You To Relate To Your Child?

There isn't much to consider when it comes to the type of relationship you have with your child before they reach preschool age. Their speech is limited at this stage, their reasoning is suspect and their life experience is extremely narrow. You are the parent -- the authority figure -- and there's little to discuss about it. As the days go by, however, children [...]

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What Do You Know About Your Preschooler’s Friendships?

Humans are social creatures by nature. We crave interaction and connection with others before we even have the ability to vocalize the desire. A crucial life objective is acquiring the social skills needed to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. As a parent, you play a key role in shaping how your preschooler will learn to interact with others. It's important that you prepare yourself [...]

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How To Care For Your Child’s Psychological Well-Being

As a parent, there is so much to think about when it comes to your children’s welfare. Before they start school, you are largely preoccupied with their diet and health. Just making sure they are healthy and strong is a full-time preoccupation. When they start preschool, the game changes. This transition introduces your child to a whole new environment. This is why it also becomes [...]

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Assessing Your Child’s Friends – How To Handle A Sensitive Issue

There are many wise sayings related to friends, the company we keep, and the effect their presence and influence has on us. As a parent, you may be wondering how to manage the impact -- both positive and negative -- of your child’s friends, especially when he or she reaches school-going age and peers become a significant social force. It is important to know when [...]

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This is How Your Child Spells Love… T-I-M-E

Your presence in the daily life of your child is irreplaceable. Children understand that they are loved when they feel like they are important to you and they don't have to compete for your attention. Setting aside time every day for direct interaction with your child is one of the best ways to make them feel loved, confident and boost their self-esteem. The following post talks [...]

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Potty Training – How To Handle This Important Milestone

Children have several stages they go through as part of their development journey. For parents, major milestones are a source of both anticipation and anxiety. It helps when you are prepared for them. You can get yourself ready by learning from older parents, especially those with more than one child, since they have the advantage of experience. Reading widely will also give you the information [...]

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Parents: Are You Holding Your Preschoolers Back?

Parenting brings its fair share of anxieties. We want to ensure that our children receive every developmental advantage, but sometimes we're not even sure how to provide them. And sometimes, we actually create a negative impact without realizing it. The good news is there are many people who are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about early childhood development. These experts have dedicated a great deal of [...]

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