Why Playtime Is Great For Your Child’s Development

Most children enjoy play more than any other activity. Among numerous benefits, it gives your child the opportunity to interact with others, explore their environment, problem solve, and it's a powerful mood elevator. Play also enhances a child’s imagination as he or she acts out different roles and scenarios. In today's electronics driven world, it’s become increasingly normal to find children playing indoors. However, it’s [...]

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Here’s Why You Should Prioritize Play For Your Preschooler

Children perceive the world differently and in a most amazing way. For instance, you probably consider play a simple recreational activity for fun. For your child, however, play is critical because it's the key to learning. Through experiential play children discover, understand, conquer or learn to adapt to the challenges of daily living. The results are significant, continuous gains in your child's cognitive, social and [...]

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How Long Is Your Preschooler’s Attention Span?

As a parent, there are many discoveries you will make as your child grows. No two children develop in exactly the same way so it will be a unique journey -- but don't worry, there are still some common issues that all parents face. One thing you will have to deal with is the attention span of your child. This post will help by answering [...]

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How Important Are Routines In Child Development?

As a parent, you desire the best life for your little one. New parents are always willing to find out what they should do and what they should avoid. It is important to get this knowledge and then apply it to your own situation so that it works well for you and your child. An important fact to understand about children is their need for [...]

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Do Toddlers Really Need Structured Exercise and Workouts?

You may be wondering why anyone would think of exercises for toddlers. After all, aren’t they already super-active? You the answer to that is a big "YES" from trying to keep up with them every day. What we're talking about here, however, is being more deliberate about your toddler's activity. The goal is to instill in your child a lifetime appreciation for exercise to maintain health and [...]

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