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Sff! Staff Benefits from Training Workshop with Noted Education Leader

Last month our teachers and administrators went through a workshop with Enrique Feldman to learn skills and ideas for engaging our students on a deeper level. At Spanish for fun! we are always looking to increase the knowledge and abilities of our highly qualified personnel and this workshop did just that. Enrique is the Founder and Director of Education for Global Learning Foundation (GLF), [...]

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Spoiling Our Team with a Trip to Asheville

At Spanish for fun!, we truly care about each and every one of our employees and want to make sure they are not only successful but happy. That’s why we make it a point to take them on retreats. Our work trips allow the team to bond, re-energize, and spark creativity. A couple of months ago, we took our admin-directors to Asheville to do just [...]

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It’s the Winter Season…Here’s What’s Coming at Sff!

’Tis the season for winter fun and holiday activities! Here’s what we have going on at Sff! in the next few months: January In January, we learned all about transportation! Bicycles, cars, planes, trains, etc… Our little ones learned all about how we get around. February In February, we will be learning all about the Earth! This will include a Science Fair where we [...]

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The Numerous Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The moment your child is born, he or she starts learning and developing cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, and linguistically. As your child grows, their brain acts like a sponge for knowledge -- learning from you and from their environment. While all children will learn and develop quickly during these formative years, there are a lot of benefits to attending a preschool that specializes in early [...]

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Here’s Why Summer Camp is Essential for Children

Summer camp has so many benefits for children. From academic benefits to exercise and social skills, camp has many rewarding and engaging experiences to offer. At Spanish for fun! summer camp, kids learn Spanish through play and do all kinds of activities -- science, cooking lessons, arts and crafts, literacy, music, gardening, computer lessons, games, sports, gymnastics, Latin folklore and more are all part of [...]

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How Children Benefit from Music Education

Being exposed to and interacting with music has many benefits for children, starting at a very young age. Music helps children develop multiple skill sets by exercising different areas of the brain simultaneously, in both the left and right hemispheres. Here are some of the great benefits to music in the classroom. Music Helps Develop Vocabulary Music is a powerful vocabulary teaching tool. By singing [...]

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